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We're About to be Friends 4

In This Episode…

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Oh… you just invented a whole food trend?

Oh… you started a blog, and three months later you’re baking with Martha on the Martha Stewart show?

Oh… you have one of the best selling cookbooks of 2010 called Cakepops?

Oh… you can turn a ball of baked cake into a sugar Muppet?

Oh… you’re also just the sweetest lady to talk to also!?

It’s all just too much!

This week Joy speaks with Angie Dudley, the creator of cakepops and author of the uber popular book Cakepops.  Joy and Angie talk about the innocent invention of the cakepops, and what it’s like to show Martha Stewart a thing or two.  Whether she’d like to admit it or not, Angie has created a food phemomenon!  She’s majorly talented and has just the slightest Southern accent.  Charm and talent for days.  Give a listen!

Angie makes Muppet Cakepops, BullseyeCakepops for Target, and perfect little Gingerbread heads.

How is everything so seamlessly cute?

Check out Angie schooling (ok… just teaching) Martha Stewart how to make Cakepops.  Martha and Bakerella!

I got to hang out with Angie at one of her Southern California book signings this year.  No biggie.  (total biggie!!!!)

Angie Dudley can be found making Cakepops and other delicious treats at Bakerella.com. Her book Cakepops is an awesome treat!  Check out the Cakepop Kits too!  Majorly cool.  You can also say hello to her on Twitter @bakerella!


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