Iliza Shlesinger is the season 6 winner of Last Comic Standing.  She’s got her own Comedy Central Presents special.  She’s host of a hilarious dating show called Excused, has an internet show called The Weakly News, and she’s a touring comic.  Recently, Iliza has been on Jimmy Fallon and The Rachael Ray Show.

I love Iliza because she’s a super smart, and wonderfully talented lady.  It also doesn’t hurt that she always has me in stitches.  She’s a lady on her game.  She also has a dog named Blanche that she sneaks onto airplanes.  What’s not to love about that?   On this episode of We’re About to be Friends, Iliza and I talk about the comedy business, nerves, weird dad jokes, and fried olives.

Oooh Blanche.  You make the perfect Santa.

Find Iliza Shlesinger at  She can also be found on Excusedtv, and say hello to her on Twitter @iliza.

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4 comments on “Iliza Shlesinger

  1. Courtney Jan 2, 2012

    High five on throwing some variety into the interviewees! This was great.

  2. She is great. I’ll have to check her stuff out when I get home. Again, thank you for providing lady banter during my male-dominated work day. ALSO, I felt really encouraged when you talked about creatives creating their own creative content. I’m trying to do the same! Thanks for the laughs and inspiration ladies!

  3. I had never heard of Iliza, as I don’t watch a ton of tv, but I really enjoyed her and this podcast! Thanks, Joy for interviewing her and having so much fun with it and thanks, Iliza for doing something so out of normal comedian territory. Awesome podcast! I love hearing a female comedian that’s not horribly raunchy…
    Not that a little raunch isn’t okay, but you’re not heinous like the rest of ’em. Go, Iliza!

  4. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting (sometimes not terribly patiently). When is the next episode coming? I’m loving this more than the Joy the Baker podcast!

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