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Homefries University


Joy the Baker Podcast

Have you ever wondered where Joy's crazy stories and food inspiration comes from? Of course you have.

The Joy the Baker Podcast is a weekly, candid look behind the scenes of Joy's popular blog. Joy is joined by Tracy Benjamin, better known as Shutterbean. Together, they talk about recipes, photography, blog life, being a mom, not being a mom, married life, dating life, and... candy. It's silly. It's funny, and they want you to be there.

Hosted by Joy the Baker & Tracy Benjamin

The Art of Simple Podcast

Did you know there's more to life than answering email and vacuuming LEGO? Of course you do.

Tsh Oxenreider, founder of the blog The Art of Simple, loves to talk about all that "other stuff" with some of her favorite people around the Internet. Together, they chat about food, good music, writing, books, bedtime routines, and the challenges of working from home. Join us—it makes you run faster; it makes laundry folding more fun.

Hosted by Tsh Oxenreider

We're About to be Friends

Meet the personalities behind your favorite websites, cooking shows, and cookbooks!

Each episode Joy from Joy the Baker gets the scoop from someone that she totally admires. From huge internet personalities, to cooking show hosts, and best selling authors, Joy sits down and asks all the questions that you would want to ask. Lessons will be learned, secrets will be revealed... and hopefully, friends will be made. Get ready! We're about to be friends.

Hosted by Joy the Baker

The Table Set

Andy, Greg, and Nathan are three gentlemen that know how to throw a party.

Each week, these three gather around their dining room table to talk entertaining. From cocktails to decor, Andy, Greg, and Nathan will talk you through your next cocktail party. From pool parties, to Palm Spings sleepovers, these three have it down.

Hosted by Andy Windak & Greg Henry & Nathan Hazard

The Because Show

The Because Show is a podcast by Jerilyn, Susan and Amy, three working moms who don’t talk about work and don’t talk about being moms. What?

Each week, they will share the stories, confess the secrets and give the scoop on everything from personal faux pas to ridiculous ex-boyfriends to high-end mascara. Note: Real talk from these three contains the possible random swearing and the occasional blue content. No big.

Hosted by Susan Wright & Amy Forstadt & Jerilyn Dever