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Homefries University


The Because Show 43

Used Couches
Used couches. Yay or Nay? It is a hot button issue that The Because Show tackles on this episode. Plus all the talk on vampire books, liquid lipstick and more. Some strong opinions are going down, get in on it!

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The Because Show 44

S’mores Pizza
S'mores Pizza! Whoah. Did you know such a thing existed? It does. It's a really real thing. A wonderfully delicious gooey thing. Come along as we talk it up on our weekend in the woods!

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The Because Show 40

Oh, so darn much of this turned into 'not suitable for work' so keep your earbuds tucked in tight on this one. But if you are home by yourself folding laundry, then listen loud... We smack-talk about books, mascara, yolo and more!

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The Because Show 37

Viva Las Vegas!
What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas when you podcast from your hotel room the next morning. Yup. Come along on a jaunt to Sin City and have some fun with your three lovely Because Show ladies!

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