Used Couches

Used couches. Yay or Nay? It is a hot button issue that The Because Show tackles on this episode. Plus all the talk on vampire books, liquid lipstick and more. Some strong opinions are going down, get in on it!

S’mores Pizza

S’mores Pizza! Whoah. Did you know such a thing existed? It does. It’s a really real thing. A wonderfully delicious gooey thing. Come along as we talk it up on our weekend in the woods!

Back At Ya!

Back in action, better than ever! We’ve been talking the talk and walking the walk….join us and we talk it up on good books, lux moisturizers and more!

Oasis Of Calm

Changing the world one podcast episode at a time. Oh yes, Amy, Susan and Jerilyn pick up their microphones and break it down for you on Episode 41 of The Because Show!


Oh, so darn much of this turned into ‘not suitable for work’ so keep your earbuds tucked in tight on this one. But if you are home by yourself folding laundry, then listen loud… We smack-talk about books, mascara, yolo and more!

Hobo Wine

Hobo Wine! How bad can it be if it costs 1.99 and you find it in some random bin at the drugstore? Find out as we taste test the stuff so you don’t have to!

‘She Doesn’t Have A Dog’

Urban legends happen, people! Lock your doors, turn out the lights and pop in your earbuds. This episode is all about the Deja Vu Love Boutique, fearless raccoons and hot pink lipstick. Listen up!

Viva Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas when you podcast from your hotel room the next morning. Yup. Come along on a jaunt to Sin City and have some fun with your three lovely Because Show ladies!

Holy Grails

BB cream and pigment-dense lip glosses. Or Retin-A and a lash enhancing eye makeup remover. Or perhaps cream blush and classic liquid eyeliner. It’s hard to decide what our favorites are…but it doesn’t matter, we’ll talk about all of them! Plus good books, new trends and scary movies …waiting just for you!

35 Melinda Hill

Actor, comic, writer, podcaster: she does it all! Multitalented Melinda Hill gets in on it in this episode of The Because Show.

Questions Answered

Finally! Questions, answered. Curiosity, satisfied. Important issues addressed like where to buy a black pencil skirt, how to put salt in your coffee and why you could be on Pinterest. Listen up!

Happy Birthdamy

What’s better than a birthday celebrated with friends? A birthday celebrated with friends AND listeners! Yes, it’s Amy’s birthday so, get your ears open. We’ve got a fresh episode to pop into – enjoy!

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing? It’s a thing. Mixed manis. All the rage. Detachable Peter Pan collars. That too. Find out about the latest out-there trends and a whole lot more in this week’s episode.

Simple Pleasures

The remake of Footloose, littleneck clams and a bottle of white wine. that’s all we need to have a sleepover and record episode 31 of The Because Show for ya. Get in on it!


Whoah. Our 100th episode. One hundred. A HUNDRED! 30 shows here on Homefries and 70 in our iTunes archive. We do a little bit of celebrating and a whole lot of conversing on this episode. And two listeners wrote us a poem! Love that. Do you want reach out to us? Call the voicemail at 818-643-1565.

Name That Tune

Can Amy recognize a microsecond snippet of any Duran Duran song? Sure she can! Do we like to play lightning rounds of free association? Heck yeah! Has the Clarisonic Opal lived up to it’s reputation? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers on this episode of The Because Show.

Together Again

Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now- we’re back together again! New updates, spicy anecdotes and useful tips all jam packed and stuffed crust into one juicy podcast episode for your ears. We’ve missed you!

Shades Of Grey

Yes! The Because Show is back with a new episode and plenty of conversation for your ears. A trip to Vegas, 50 Shades Of Grey and a little Simon Trickster, everything you need for some podcasty fun…Listen up!

Nerd Out

Who the heck is Kthulu? The hosts of The Nerd Out know. Listen and find out when Lisa B. and Ritzy P. nerd out with us.

Happy Hour

Get happy! Nathan Hazard, co-host of venerable The Table Set podcast, joins us to talk modern cocktails, mixology trends and way more.

Random Acts

It’s all about random acts of kindness and senseless beauty this week. And lotto pools. And blanket coats. And Lucky Charms ice cream. And more!

22 Lynnsanity

Ready for some Lynnsanity? Actress and food blogger Lynn Chen joins us to talk Girl Scout cookies, invisibility cloaks + more. Have you heard of viral book sensation “50 Shades of Grey”? Amy has. And she just so happens to have a story about it. Listen up!

Power of 3

Three women, three microphones, one podcasty mission – what could go wrong?

‘What Goes Around…’

What do bank robberies, king size candy bars and rogue cab drivers have in common? They’re all smack dab in this week’s episode – where what goes around comes around and everything old is new again!