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The Art of Simple Podcast

Did you know there's more to life than answering email and vacuuming LEGO? Of course you do.

Tsh Oxenreider, founder of the blog The Art of Simple, loves to talk about all that "other stuff" with some of her favorite people around the Internet. Together, they chat about food, good music, writing, books, bedtime routines, and the challenges of working from home. Join us—it makes you run faster; it makes laundry folding more fun.

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61A Well-Trained Mind

In this episode, Tsh is honored to chat with Susan Wise Bauer, historian, educator, author, and farm girl.

She’s literally written the history of the world:

She’s the founder of Peace Hill Press.

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60Wildly Unconventional

In this episode, Tsh talks with Stephanie Langford, who’s been traveling around the world with her family this past year! She caught up with her in Melbourne, Australia, their 30th and last country before heading back to Canada.

The …

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59Burn the Boats

In this episode, Tsh chats with Jon and Jenny Acuff!

Jenny’s working on a new book!

She also likens social media to alchemy.

She and Jon both believe in risk.

And they …

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58First Draft

In this episode, Tsh talks to her friend Shaun Groves, a musician and songwriter, and also the guy who leads blog trips on behalf of Compassion International. He’s also wildly known for his hair.

Tex-Mex – manna from heaven. …

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57Makeup-Free People

We’re back! And to kick off the new year and the release of Tsh’s book, Notes From a Blue Bike, she’ll be chatting with a few special guests for the next few episodes. For this episode, she’s with Shauna Niequist, …

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56A Very Special Podcast

Warning: there’s a lot of random laughing in this episode.

Tsh just dealt with the coldest temps she’s ever experienced in her life:

Childhood shows…


…and toys:


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55Headin' Home

We’re back—with a new name! Kat and Tsh talk about that.

Kat likes to think that Sally Clarkson‘s house is perfectlly imperfect.

Tsh likes this paleo gingerbread recipe.

Lora Lynn …

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54We're Just Makin' It Up

Megan’s back! It’s been quite awhile since she and I have chatted. Yay!

The twins are getting BIGGER:

So cute.

Here’s the book series neither of us could remember: they’re called Your X-Year-Old by …

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53Not Much Makes it A Lot

Myq and Tsh have been up to a lot of little things, which add up to a lot. You know? Myquillyn has been neck-deep in kitchen remodeling:

…and Tsh has been neck-deep in book release prep. …

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52Ridiculously Good

In this episode, Kat and Tsh covered TONS of their favorite things—which means lots of links! So let’s get right to it:


Christa Wells

Lord Huron

Beach House

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51E for Effort

It’s the start of a new school year, pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, and college football is on the air—it must be early fall!

You can see Lisa carving out of playdoh/clay/wax/whatever here:

Tsh will be in Australia …

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50Don't Be Wacky

School? It’s time for school already? Feels like summer just started. Emily and Tsh chat about the dawn of the school year, how they make decisions on what do to, educationally, and that it really is …

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49House-Shaped Hives

We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s been a long while since Tsh and her posse podcasted. Reason? Because it’s like herding cats to get the summer schedules of two busy families to cross paths. But we’re revving up to a more predictable schedule …

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48Something of Something

We’re back on after several weeks off! It’s summer… and it’s been nice. Work is slower, and we’re hanging with our kids a lot.

Hayley’s been focused on The Influence Network.

Tsh and Kyle have been reading Jim …

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47Fake Break

Emily and Tsh start off chatting about stuff like end of the school year, test-taking, taking a break from work, and changing jobs—grownup stuff, in other words. In fact, Emily’s husband (and therefore, whole family) are in the midst of …

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46The Wayback

Megan’s still in the thick of the early days with these cuties:

And so we need to talk about light-hearted stuff. Or more specifically, light-hearted TV. Shows we dig, just for laughs:

The Mindy Project

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45Gauntlet Month

Sigh… It’s almost the end of the school year. Are you as tired of school as your kids? We are.

Kat was down at the police station. Intense.

And the police tower that used to be Kat’s OB/GYN …

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44Father Hen

Tsh and Hayley are talking about spring in the midst of their fake spring. C’mon, snow in April? Who needs that. Nobody, that’s who.

Hayley is loving her Analog Weekends:

…and Tsh is …

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43Compliment Sandwich

Hooray—it’s time to talk to Lisa Leonard again!  She’s at the SNAP! Conference this week, probably painting or mod podging or basket weaving or something.

Tsh just redesigned Simple Mom, and it was scary …

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42Be a Good YOU (and Build a Bench)

This episode is dedicated completely to the art and science of book publishing. Or, at least, Tsh and Emily’s 5% of total knowledge they have on the subject. But you all have asked them lots of questions about the topic, …

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41Talk About Magic

Yay—Megan’s back! She’s had her TWIN babies, so we get nitty-gritty with the baby stuff.

Project Simplify. Are you in?

Harry Potter! Let’s talk about …

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40The Plate Whisperer

Tsh and Myquillyn are together, talking about the weirdness that is their names. (At least Myquillin has a normal last name…)

She recently revealed her name, and… everything’s fine. (And then wrote about being …

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39All These Sports Analogies...

Tsh is back after knee surgery, so it’s time for another episode! This time she’s talking again to Kat from Inspired to Action.

Surgery went well. Tsh’s new best friend is an ice cooler.

Kat’s current best …

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38(Not) the Center of the Universe

It’s time to podcast with Lisa Leonard! Such a fun, creative friend.

She’s got a new line of jewelry—Hope(full), a fair-trade line made by women in Ecuador.

Hooray for fair-trade! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Fair-trade …

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37Who Do You Think You Are?

Emily Freeman and Tsh have a fun guest today—their friend Holley Gerth!

Holley’s written a number of books. Her latest comes out Friday! You can order You’re Made For a God-Sized Dream on Amazon. …

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36Guac O'Clock

Is it winter where you are? Need a little break from the snow? Well, you’ll love this episode (or maybe hate it, if you’re pessimistic), because Aimée Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites gives the low-down on her recent two-week vacation to …

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35On Stage in Yoga Pants

Tsh and Myquillyn talk ski accidents, craft days, Pinterest, boys leaving the nest, traveling around the world, and blogs going 2.0. So you know, they pretty much stay on topic.

Tsh somersaulted down a black diamond slope and (possibly) tore …

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34Life is Good Again

Tsh and Kat are back at it! Tsh is over the flu now, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still miss Texas. Kat loves her Texas 70-degree winters, but wouldn’t mind a day of Tsh’s snow-covered Oregon. Grass is greener…

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33Pesky Little Bump

It’s baby time! In this episode Tsh and Hayley talk about the newborn days and what it’s like to bring a new baby in the family with older siblings. There may or may not also be a few baby sounds …

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32Your Name Tastes Like Cake

Time to chat with Emily Freeman again! She just finished writing her book and is knee-deep in editing.

Tsh is knee-deep in writing. Two weeks and counting till her deadline.

Tsh and Emily talk about a lot of …

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31I'm Such a J

Hooray—we’re back to podcasting! We took a nice, long break for the holidays, but it feels so good to be back to a routine. But Megan doesn’t have long until her routine goes up in the air—she’s 31 weeks pregnant …

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30Your Dreams Can Be Dumb

It’s time for podcasting with Myquillyn! You might know her better as The Nester… She’s fabulous.

She and Tsh laugh a lot. That might be because they’re both INTJs, like this fun guy:

People love us …

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29Apple juice gone bad

Tsh is having a good day. Except that she stepped on a Lego. So this episode’s co-host, Kat from Inspired to Action, reminds her that Tim Hawkins swears LEGO on the floor are used to ward off terrorists.

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Time for another podcast! This time Tsh is joined by cohost Hayley Morgan of The Tiny Twig. Who’s probably not so tiny as usual… she’s due any day with NUMBER 4. Her fourth BOY. The woman is a …

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27The Moistmaker

It’s almost Thanksgiving! In this episode, Tsh and Emily talk turkey. Well, not really—but they do chat about minivans, boot socks, and Friends. What’s not to be thankful for there?

Especially for minivan mustaches. Mustaches definitely make minivans cooler. …

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26Double Trouble

Tsh talks again with Megan of Sorta Crunchy, her southern friend who shares her penchant for queso and all the glorious food hailing from Austin. A lot’s happened with Megan since she was last on the podcast. For …

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25Special: How We Work

This episode is a bit different from the usual fare—we’ve got Lisa Byrne of The Well-Grounded Life, and she and Tsh are talking BUSINESS. They both get asked all the time how they make money online, so in this …

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24Beholden to the Style Goddess

You’ve been waiting forever, and it’s finally here—another podcast!

In this episode, Tsh chats it up with Arianne Segerman of To Think is To Create, along with her latest gig—the editor of the newest channel in Tsh’s …

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23From a Land Down Under

You may have recently heard Tsh’s webinar with Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, but they actually recorded a podcast the week before. And here it is! Complete with a 15-hour time difference between the two. Crazy.

Darren is the guy behind …

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22Yeow! It's the Ruffle Queen

It’s time for another podcast! Today, Tsh is chatting with Maggie Whitley—but you may know her better as Gussy.

She’s the owner and creative behind Gussy Sews—it’s awesome stuff. Really. Shocking she’s only been sewing …

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21It's About to Get Girly

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Haley Morgan of The Tiny Twig.  Things are about to get girly, as Tsh and Haley discuss shopping, fashion, and awesome bangs!

How to have awesome …

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20Party Planning Home Business

Tsh talks to Melissa Lewkowicz, the owner of a unique and totally creative events company. There’s talk about planning parties, dancing and the Melissa’s fantastic new haircut.

Here are some photos from some of the parties discussed in this episode. …

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19A Healthy Marriage

In this episode, Tsh talks to Dr. Corey Allan, the creator of SimpleMarriage.net.  Corey is also a husband, father, author, and Marriage and Family Therapist.

Here’s Corey’s popular guest  post about having ‘the talk’ with your children.

Here are …

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Tsh is joined by Lisa-Jo Baker.  She writes about life lived in between countries, callings & kids at her highly popular blog, The Gypsy Mama.

Lisa-Jo has 3 kids under the age of 6 and believes motherhood should come …

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17Starting Small

In this episode of The Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh talks to Nicole Bennett, editor of Simple Organic.  They answer questions you posted on Facebook about  open adoption, local vs. organic eating and overcoming the fear of making changes …

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16Reasons to Homeschool

This week Tsh talks with Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom.  Tsh and Jamie answer all of your Facebook submitted questions about homeschooling and beyond!

Jamie’s book.  Mindset for Moms.

Simple …

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15Doing It All

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Mandi Ehman of LifeYourWay.net.  Tsh answers all of the questions you have asked on Facebook and Twitter.  How do Mandi and Tsh do it all?  From supportive spouses to …

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14A Simple Holiday Season

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Megan from SortaCrunchy.  They talk about the challenges of minimalist living.  Do small closets really help?  The two also talk about the upcoming holiday season and how they …

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13Major Purge

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Stephanie from  KeeperoftheHome.org. What’s it like to prepare for a new baby when you have three at home?  Pajama days and homeschooling.  How do we get ready for the day. …

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12Help For Depleted Moms


In this episode, Tsh talks to Lisa Byrne from WellGroudedLife.com.  Lisa has great tips for getting motivated to eat well and exercise during the holiday season.




http://lvsm.pl/uU2Clq: …

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11A Recovering Good Girl

In this episode, Tsh chats with Emily Freeman of ChattingAtTheSky.com.  They discuss Emily’s amazing photography and her current project of writing for 31 days straight.   Emily also has a new book out and …

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10On the Move

Today, Tsh speaks with Rachel Meeks of SmallNotebook.org.  What’s it like to pick up and move your family to Italy for a few months?  What’s it like to come home and and move into …

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9Family Friendly Music

Today on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Kara Fleck from SimpleKids.net about all things music! From family friendly music, the best and worst of holiday tunes, and how The Spice Girls ruined everything.

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Today on the Simple Mom Podcast Tsh talks to Kat from Inspired to Action.  Tsh and Kat recently took a trip to the Phillaipnes with Compassion …

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7 Get the Job Done

Jessica’s post about potty training in 10 days or less.

Maya’s post on SimpleMom about potty training.

That handy freezer alarm.

Jessica’s vlog about fitting meals into a freezer.

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6Summer Travel

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh talks with Aimee, editor of SimpleBites!  With a summer full of blog conference and gatherings, what’s it like to travel …

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5No Kids Allowed

Tsh talks to Meagan from The Happiest Mom.  They talk about summer slumps, going out in the world with kids, and the recent trend of kid-free places.

Do …

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4New Mom

The Simple Mom Podcast is back!  This week Tsh talks to Nicole of Simple Organic and Gidget Goes Home.  Nicole just welcomed her third child, Hallee into the world!  Tsh …

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3Sugaring Off

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh talks with Aimee of Simple Bites.

Tsh and Aimee talk about their Spring menus, how locations effects food choices, and how …

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2Spring Yard Sale!

Tsh and Mandi talk all about yard sales, how they keep their crazy homes organized, and Mandi’s new book.

Mandi also answers this burning question:  When is …

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1What is Essential?


Tsh talks to Jamie Martin, the editor of Simple Homeschool.    The two talk about intentional living, a 30-day vegan experiment, and Jamie’s non-traditional family.

Jamie became …

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Your Host

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh Oxenreider is the founder of The Art of Simple, a community blog dedicated to inspiring people live simply. She thinks a library card, a Netflix subscription, and a passport are some of the greatest parenting tools in the universe.

She’s the author of several books, including Notes From a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World.

Tsh and her nomadic family currently live in Bend, Oregon, but several dots around the globe have also been called home. Together, they love to travel, read books, go camping, and make homemade pizza for Friday Family Movie Night.

Her ultimate dinner party guests are JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Paul the Apostle, Jane Austen, Sir Ken Robinson, and Tina Fey.

You can read more of her thoughts at her personal blog.