Round-the-world family travel! (part 1)

A new podcast episode: it’s a Christmas miracle! To celebrate the near end of our family’s worldwide, year-long trip (is it really almost done already?),

I Felt So Canadian

In this episode Tsh catches up with her friend Aimée Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites and the upcoming cookbook, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars. This little

Coffee in my Soul

  Woohoo—(finally) a new podcast episode! In this first one of the year, Tsh talks with her dear friend Emily Freeman of Chatting at the

Born With Wings

Journaling—why is it such a powerful tool for expression and decompression? Tsh talks with Katie Clemons of Gadanke, a new mom who’s found an outlet

My Favorite Woman Yet

Who do we “need” to know from history? Michelle DeRusha offers 50 great women in her latest book, 50 Women Every Christian Should Know (hint:

Pillows Matter, Man

We’re back with a new podcast! It was only fitting that I chat with my friend Stephanie Langford for my first international chat. She and

In a Five-Foot Tree

It’s always a treat to talk to my friend (and AoS contributor) Kat Lee! I was glad to get in a last-minute conversation with her

Somebody Sewed That Shirt

Podcast time! This episode explores the world of ethical fashion—for kids. Hayley Morgan is starting a new clothing line with the hopes of transforming how

Your (little) story matters

New podcast time! In this episode, I talk with my friend Nish Weiseth, founder and editor-in-chief of Deeper Story, a faith-based community blog about the

A Chat with my Literary Agent

Let’s talk publishing! In this episode Tsh is talking with her friend and literary agent Jenni Burke, who works with the firm DC Jacobson. (photo

Preemptive Love

Jeremy and Jessica Courtney raise their two kids in Iraq while running their organization, Preemptive Love. They help provide life-saving heart surgeries for Iraqi children, but they also…live life. In this episode, we talk food, work, culture, and what it’s like to live as expats in the Middle East.

Nerd is a Good Thing

Tsh talks to Anne Bogel about books: good summer reads, how to encourage kids to read, when to buy versus when to check out at the library, e-reader versus the real thing, and more.

Freedom From Stuff

Joshua Becker writes a blog called Becoming Minimalist, and that title describes well his journey: he hasn’t figured out all the ins and outs of

Confront Your Junk

Tsh talks to Leigh Kramer, an Enneagram aficionado and wise sage regarding where you suck. It can get confusing, so Leigh answers Tsh’s questions and shares her favorite resources for better understanding this fascinating ancient tool.

Going Badger

Nina Nelson lives with her family… in a school bus. Yep, four kids, two adults, in a revamped bus—and they’re loving every minute of it.

Deep Eddy Family

In this episode, Tsh chats with Kat Lee about… podcasting. It’s a podcast about podcasts. And other stuff, too, of course. Crash Course! Totally go

All the Sheets!

Myquillyn‘s back! And she’s put in windows in the barn: Here’s the latest farm update. Plus… her book—it’s here! Order it here (great Mama’s Day

Old Lady Sparkle

We’re back! So glad to get back to regular podcasting, and also really excited about this new format. Let us know what you think in

A Well-Trained Mind

In this episode, Tsh is honored to chat with Susan Wise Bauer, historian, educator, author, and farm girl. She’s literally written the history of the

Wildly Unconventional

In this episode, Tsh talks with Stephanie Langford, who’s been traveling around the world with her family this past year! She caught up with her

Burn the Boats

In this episode, Tsh chats with Jon and Jenny Acuff! Jenny’s working on a new book! She also likens social media to alchemy. She and

First Draft

In this episode, Tsh talks to her friend Shaun Groves, a musician and songwriter, and also the guy who leads blog trips on behalf of