Spaetzle, Schnitzel, and Strudel

Andy arrives at The Table Set this week with broken shoes and sweaty feet. What’s the etiquette there? Do you have a rule about shoes

Year of the Pineapple

It’s a new year! Again! While Greg is exhausted from the holiday party circuit, Andy has taken to Hanukkah like a ladleful of schmalz to

Three Lords-a-Leapin’

It’s that time again – The Table Set‘s annual holiday party! And while it may not have been cold enough in Los Angeles to light

The Great Pumpkin Episode

  It’s the bewitching season. Time for folks everywhere to get spooked. However, the only things that seem to scare the guys at The Table

Will it Waffle?

This time on The Table Set the guys get together in Greg’s kitchen to answer the question, Will It Waffle? (Yes, it will!). The question


The guys at The Table Set spent an evening of nightswimming at a Ceviche Pool Party. The party (and the pool) were at Greg’s house,

That ’70s Episode

It’s officially Summer! And things are heating up in LA. No, really, like it’s HOT. But the boys of the Table Set are finding ways

Six Pack

Guessing by the title, you might think that this episode is about beer.  Or maybe you are thinking this is an episode on how to

Taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. Well at least it was when the guys sat around the table to talk Taco. So listen in as Andy, Greg and Nathan

Not Sorry

It’s no secret to Homefries listeners, but our skipper is leaving the Best Coast for the French Quarter! Before she packed up her kitchen and

To Russia with Love

This week the guys from The Table Set make the questionable transition from Cabbage Patch Kids to the Russian phrase Na Zdorovie? Which may not

Year of the Spice

Another year gone by! Hard to believe. Here on The Table Set, it’s time to look back on the year to assess where the party was…

Holiday Cocktail  Shtik

The holidays call for for feasting. This time on The Table Set the guys sit down around an extended table full of friends to celebrate

Men vs. Food

It’s that time of year. The start of the Holidays and the colossal eating marathon that makes The Table Set feel like it’s them against

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air. It’s the change in the seasons. The guys step out this episode to celebrate that


Partying is something perhaps we all take for granted. On this very special ponderous episode of The Table Set the boys examine just how they

Cin-Cin in Italian

Of course the guys at The Table Set attended a few parties since you heard from them last. Of course they did. The heat of


It’s July, and it’s hot. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop. The guys at The Table Set are handling the heat each

The Three M’s

Martini, martini, martini. James Thurber once said: “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.” And wasn’t it W.C.

Beyond The (Sea) Biscuit

There’s always a party in LA. This week the guys invite a guest to talk about parties they’ve been to (CicLAvia) and parties they’d like

My Blue Hawaii

Last time on the Table Set, the gents were getting excited for the season premier of Mad Men.  After watching it, Andy has decided that

Damn Good Coffee

The Table Set boys know how to party. But even pros have off days. Greg got a bee in his bonnet (literally), and Nathan’s blind

Happy Hipster Easter

This week the guys hip hop down the bunny trail on their way to a Happy Hipster Easter– with a few party stops along the

Science Soy Bread

It isn’t often that someone tells you they have a craving for tofu, but this week, Greg had just such a craving.  Specifically for the